The Athan sound isn't complete

There are 2 methods to enable the Full Athan within our application:

1. The first method is to click on the notification message that appears at each prayer at the top of the screen, a new window appears with the text and sound of the Athan.





2. The second method is to enable the option "Full Athan" which is in the settings of our application.

Enabling this option causes 7 to 8 notifications to be triggerd per prayer because Apple does not allow a sound that has more than 30 seconds length in each notification when the phone is locked and 5 seconds when the phone is unlocked.




Notifications are triggered sequentially and when you try to stop a notification by pressing a button on your iPhone/iPad, the other notifications will fire in a chain.

We therefore suggest that you opt for the first method of receiving only one notification.

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